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Jelly Bubble Crush


Hey Bubble shooting Game Lover, Hear the new game for you ‘Jelly Bubble Crush’. This easy to play addictive game for all age group. Shoot the Jelly bubble to make the collection 3 or more bubble and those bubbles will fall down. More bubble combination you will make more the score you will get. Drag the finger to set the target and release one the target is set. It has more that 6000 Level with 4 Different mode of play. These are the mode to play in Jelly Bubble crush.1. Puzzle - Remove all the jelly bubble by shooting to clear the Level with no move limitation. It is very easy mode to play. You can play this mode of Jelly Bubble crush for Unlimited fun2. Challenging - Remove all the bubbles by shooting with limited moves. In this Mode player has to face challenges to complete any level, as there is limited number of moves. So be alert before shooting the bubble. 3. Crush- Collect Required bubble by shooting with limited number of moves. In this mode you need to collect the required type of jelly bubble with the limited moves4. Fire Fighting- In this mode bubble grids are coming down with different speed dependent on the mode .Your target is to get Maximum score before the game over. Fire Fighting Mode of Jelly Bubble Crush has 3 Different modes.a. Easy –Get maximum score before game over with slow moving bubble grids.b. Medium - Get maximum score before game over with Medium moving bubble grids.c. Hard- Get maximum score before game over with fast moving bubble gridsNot only this, In this game you can invite your friends from social network to play with you. You and your friend can compete with each other to get the high rank in the leader board. This game has two different types on leader board.1. Global – In global leader you can see the score of every user playing this game . 2. Friends – In friends mode you see the score of the your friends playing this game.*********Features1. More than 6000 Level2. 4 different mode to play3. Crush Mode to use to calculative mind4. Fire Fighting Mode to keep you active while playing5. Clean Graphics6. Play with Friends beat there score7. Global Leader board8. Friends Leader Board9. Easy to play , Easy to shoot
So start shooting the bubble and enjoy yourself.